Lopez Inspector

TV series / police-humor / age 6-11 / 10×10´

With his bold logic INSPECTOR LÓPEZ will be solving strange mysteries that plague the city. But a greater suspicion hangs over all cases: Who is behind it all? Or worse yet: what IT is?

AstroScouts and the power of the cosmos

TV series / sci-fy / age 6-11 / 10×10´

Eight common children with nerds and gamers aspirations are the choose ones to restore the order of the cosmos with the power of the planets against the evil biotechnologist Owen.


TV series / police-humor / age 6-11 / 10×10´

Vampirock is the story of Rúcula who has conflicts with his father for not following the vampire´s family mandates as well as not enjoying the music that Rúcula and his band.

Kandy & Sky

TV series / police-humor / age 6-11 / 10×10´

Kandy & Sky, a pencil and a brush, they will introduce us to friends from the art world and make us laugh very much with their antics!


TV series / sci-fy/ age 6-11 / 10×10´

Osky, Lila and Shefry discover a VW Kombi in their garage. His grandfather had prepared it for time travel. The Kombinautas will live adventures through history to stop evil Dr Ghert’s plan.

Delivery Puppies

TV series / humor/ age 6-11 / 10×10´

The work of a great team of friendly dogs will be to find a home for abandoned pets, they secretly inhabit an old house full of gadgets invented by the group’s mad.